001: Leadership from the Heart with Nina Simons


Do you Have External Success but Something Internal is Missing? Take These Tips from Feminine Leadership Expert Nina Simons

Todays topic is Leading from the Heart, and hopefully by then end of this show you will be inspired to take your leadership to the next level. My guest today is president and co-founder of Bioneers and founder of Everywoman’s Leadership. Nina Simons is an award winning social entrepreneur and visionary thinker. In 1990 she co-founded Bioneers, which for 25 years has connected thousands of people with practical, visionary solutions for humanity’s most pressing environmental and social challenges. Nina is also co-editor of the anthology book Moonrise: The power of women leading from the heart which addresses how women and many men are redefining the leadership landscape across a diversity of perspectives, generations and ethnicities.

On the show I talk with Nina about creating the conditions for deep listening, creating inner spaciousness, relational intelligence and lots more, all as contributing factors to truly leading from the heart and discovering the power of the feminine. And, Nina has generously given us the first part of her book Moonrise! Get my FREE chapter of Nina Simons’ book now!I love the book because it brings over 30 women’s voices to the topic leadership. and I think you’ll really enjoy my guest’s insights on the show today – we talk about her epiphany, I ask her a question she’s never been asked before, and we hear about her superpowers for success, including how loving her body is part of her daily ritual.

  • Learn how to develop feminine leadership skills to lead a balanced life!
  • Check out our interview with renowned women’s leadership expert, Nina Simons!
  • Do you feel your feminine voice is lost? Check out Nina Simon’s journey to accessing and empowering her feminine voice!
  • Learn how to move from ‘doing’ to ‘being’: A conversation about the importance of the feminine with Nina Simons
  • Why we must encourage a feminine perspective into world leadership: A conversation with leadership expert Nina Simons


Get my FREE chapter of Nina Simons’ book now!

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Links mentioned in podcast:

Nina Simons’ Website

Moonrise: The Power of Women Leading from the Heart, Nina Simons’ Book


The Burning Times, Documentary, Donna Reed 1990

The Athena Doctrine, John Gerzema

000: About Me & You


If you are a woman leader, executive, or entrepreneur and you struggle with taking the next step in your professional life, or finding happiness and fulfillment in your personal life and balancing being a leader, mom, daughter, wife, sister…

YOU are in the right place.

Once you discover the Well Woman superpowers you can use, you will be able to hold your power, set and achieve your personal and professional goals and finally be able to find the success you want, find fulfillment in your relationships, feel healthy, and have more fun!


I’ve always had strong female role models in my life, whether it was harriet the Spy , wonder woman or my own mom. I literally wanted to be Harriet the Spy and I would go around with my spy notebook writing down every move people in the neighborhood would make. My mom was another strong role model. She single handedly raised me and my sister and put herself through college while working three jobs. I’ll never forget the day I sat in the audience as she walked across the stage to receive her diploma when I was nine years old. Fast forward to my adult life  – I was a non-profit director and political appointee, all focused on women’s health and rights. Then, with a one year old and planning for another baby, I quit my job to start my own consulting firm focused on improving the health and lives of women and families. I’m now running a healthy six figure business and my kids are 4 and 6. But it hasn’t been all cake all the time. I have definitely relied on my husband, my friends and I’ve had to call on my superpowers.


Over the last few years, I have really needed to share my successes and challenges as a mom, daughter, business owner, wife, community leader and so I created Well Woman Life, a network of awesome women who are motivate to achieve their highest level of health and well-being, whatever that is to them. We meet monthly for Well Woman Drinks and we are launching the event in two more cities. I truly believe we teach the things we need to know and we create the things we need to receive. And Well Woman Life is case in point.


I’m excited because I get to bring you interviews every week with women leaders, entrepreneurs and executives who talk about what it takes to be where they are, both personally and professionally. We talk about what it takes to live a Well Woman Life, and I bring you concrete tips and insights every week. I end the show with a segment called Superpowers for Success, where my guests get very specific about what they do to be well, how they juggle their responsibilities and what they consider to be their superpowers.


And every show comes with a downloadable freebie developed by me or my guest ton what week’s topic. I want this show to be a place to feel safe to dream big, where I share with you the tools to hold your power as a woman, show up and be awesome in your personal and professional life, and find deep sense of joy and contentment while making it all happen.


Are you in? If you want to join me on this journey, I’d be honored. In order to get this information out to all the women that would benefit from it, please subscribe and leave a review –  it really helps with visibility.


My guests on the show vary from nationally and internationally known leaders like Nina Simons, founder of Bioneers and Kristin R-F of MomsRising, to women leaders whose lessons in life we can learn from like Teresa Gomez, an American Indian cancer survivor. I also interview experts in specific areas like professional organizer Miriam Ortiz y Pino and enneagram specialist Joycelyn Campbell who share very specific tips and action steps you can take.


On the show, I often refer to the four elements that help you start living a Well Woman Life. Get my FREE worksheet “Four Steps to Start Living a Well Woman Life” now!

The four steps are:

1. Say No

2. Stop Saying Sorry

3. Be Selfish

4. Practice Self-Care

Get my FREE worksheet “Four Steps to Start Living a Well Woman Life” now!



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