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Welcome to the Well Woman Life™ Movement! Whether you're just starting your journey or you've been on it for months or even years, the Well Woman Jumpstart is a great place to begin.

If you're like me, you want to know: What's the outcome? How will I benefit from this? If you want to reach the income, impact or intimacy goals you have, you've go to jump in:

  • Learn what my unique superpower is (really important for everything else you'll be working on in your life)
  • Use proven tools to address my particular challenge (these tools differ depending on what stage of the Well Woman Life Cycle you're in)
  • Get real clarity about my life and my big goals and challenges, knowing what to do next (for reals)
  • Talk to Giovanna one on one about all this (yup, she'll give you feedback and insight specifically on your goal/challenge)

What's included:

  • Downloadable PDF worksheets on how to use the Well Woman Life™ Transformation Framework:

*Superpowers for Success
*Identifying your Unique Superpower (hint: it's not what you might think and it's different for everyone)
*Using the Transformation Framework to Increase your Income, Impact and Intimacy
*Tools for Activating Your Superpowers

  • One 30 minute call with Founder/Creator Giovanna Rossi to pinpoint your challenges and superpowers