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"I've followed Giovanna's work for a while and have enjoyed the insights from her interviews on The Well Woman Show. The Well Woman Academy offered me the opportunity to work more directly with Giovanna to apply those insights in my own life. The group coaching sessions have introduced tools that have helped me deepen my mindfulness practice, communicate more effectively, and develop the confidence to explore new possibilities in my career and personal passions. I also appreciate learning in community with other women and hearing their stories, all with Giovanna's deep knowledge and gentle encouragement." -MaryEllin

"Thank you so much, Giovanna. I always enjoy talking to you. You inspire such ease and grace. Everything flows so nicely. I am beyond excited that you are doing this important work around racial justice.“ -Antonia 

"Your four part framework is genius. It was spot on for the challenges I'm having." - Monica

"Giovanna brings a holistic view to the challenges I face that's really helpful because it encompasses the complex life I lead, like so many women these days. Her approach reinforced what I should already know: Why it's so important to carve out time to focus on what I want and need, personally and professionally."

"Thank you so much for the program! I feel so much more aware calm and aware -- rather than feeling like I'm always behind the curve and exhaustedly trying to regain control!" -Charlotte