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Posts by Giovanna Rossi

Women Writing to Heal

Can we heal ourselves and our community simply by writing? What does it take to start a mindful writing practice? Do women benefit from writing more that men? This month you’ll hear from author Nicole Gramlich, poet Eva Crespin, and Sage Magazine editor Carolyn Flynn as we discuss writing to heal. Tune in November 14th at…

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We are the 51%: Women's Perspectives on Leadership

Women are 50.8 percent of the U.S. population but across the board they lag substantially behind men when it comes to their representation in leadership positions. So why is leadership important for women and girls, and how does women’s and men’s leadership differ? What does leadership look like in everyday life? Join Well Woman Radio…

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Sound Asleep: Does Gender Make A Difference?

This month I talk to professionals from a variety of backgrounds to try and understand what it takes to get a good night’s sleep.  Whether it’s insomnia or a snoring partner, I’ll explore the many barriers to sleep health and find out if gender makes a difference. My guests include: Monica Mallampalli, PhD, Director of Science Programs at…

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Wine and health: how do women and men differ?

When choosing wine do you stop to think about the affect it has on your health and well being? And do men and women engage with it differently? From tongue to kidneys– This month Well Woman Radio explores how to be a healthy wine drinker with some added tips to make your taste buds tingle!  Listen…

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