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327 Thinking Bigger Than Roe With Sylvia Ghazarian

Today on the show I interview Sylvia Ghazarian, Executive Director of Women’s Reproductive Rights Assistance Project, the largest national independent abortion fund. As former Chair of the Commission on the Status of Women for 12 years, she has championed policy advocacy on healthcare, poverty, domestic/sexual violence and human trafficking in Los Angeles. Sylvia is from California, and identifies as middle eastern and a woman of color.

We discuss:

  • Importance of our national abortion fund and the need to destigmatize this common health procedure.
  • Thinking Bigger Than Roe as we head into what would have been the 51st anniversary of Roe v Wade.
  • How leadership development and career paths can be formed in unexpected ways.

She recommended the book Luminous Darkness: An Engaged Buddhist Approach to Embracing the Unknown and the documentary The Burning Times.

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