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289: Just Giovanna: The Well Woman Summer Reset Week Three – Deep Rest for Your Brain

On Week 3 of The Well Woman Summer Reset, we explore deep rest for your brain with an exploration of the nervous system and the breath. The past two years have been a challenge for all humans, and you’ve likely been carrying around a constant sense of anxiety that may be very noticeable or very sneaky. The sneaky type of anxiety can be the hardest to address and it takes tuning in to your body to begin to rest your nervous system. This reset will help.

If the body is in fight or flight, then chances are that you may need a system reset. Here are some simple breathing techniques to help you relax, maintain optimal health, and sustain longevity.

Meditation #1

Sitting – eyes open:

  • Visual, Touch, Breath
  • Shift attention to looking at one thing in front of you, exquisitely aware of colors and shades with great clarity, see textures and shapes in great detail.
  • Now shift to a soft, diffused visual focus on whatever you’re looking at to tune it out. Focus your sharp primary attention on sense of touch. Touch something with your fingertips. Move your fingertips so you can really feel all the nuanced sensations on your fingertips.
  • With your visual focus remaining soft and diffuse, notice your breath now. Notice the rising and falling of your stomach with each breath.

Meditation #2

Sitting – eyes closed:

  • Three Breaths
  • Notice your breath. What is the temperature going in, and exiting your nostrils?
  • Focus your attention on gratitude for your breath. Feel how grateful you are for the breath that has been with you all your life.
  • Take a deeper breath, from the belly, let the air fill your body. Hold for two counts and exhale with mouth open

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