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265 The Urgency for Equal Rights with Carol Jenkins

This week on The Well Woman Show, I sit down with Carol Jenkins. She is an advocate for human, civil, and women’s rights, an award-winning author, and Emmy-winning former television journalist.

Previously, Carol Jenkins was the founding president of The Women’s Media Center, a national nonprofit organization created to increase coverage and participation of women in media. She also serves on the boards of several feminist leadership organizations as well as groups supporting the arts, excellence in journalism, and international animal rights. Ms. Jenkins is also an author, the three-time NY Emmy-nominated host of Black America, on CUNY TV, the executive producer, writer and documentary correspondent of an award-winning film, a podcast host, and co-anchor of CUNY TV’s live election night coverage.

Today on the show we discuss:

  • The urgency for equal rights
  • Why the time is NOW to get the 28th amendment passed
  • Why being a feminist, regardless of your gender can change so many lives

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The book she recommended was Playlist for the Apocalypse: Poems by Rita Dove –

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