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255 Just Giovanna: Stop Proving Your Worth Through Chronic Overwork

This week on The Well Woman Show we’re discussing overwork. Overwork is often accompanied by stress and exhaustion and while there are many explanations for why people overwork, the one that keeps coming up in this community of high achieving professional women is that of proving our value, proving our worth. We wrap our identity up so tightly with our professional achievements that we lost sight of the other parts of our lives that we want to thrive in. The other parts of our lives include our health, relationships and connection to a larger purpose.

So what do women get from chronic overwork? And from the game of constant achievement? Well for a while we get lots of accolades and success. But as we keep the cycle of overwork going, we become depleted. Our bodies, minds and spirits need more to thrive. And that depletion can lead to all kinds of crises. Like health, financial or relationship crises.

In order to stop the cycle of chronic overwork, we must look at the personal – what it is we really need, what overworking provides that we aren’t getting elsewhere. And we must look at the systems in place that keep us in chronic overwork – like demanding bosses and corporate cultural norms.

Using the Well Woman Life® Framework, we can being to understand this cycle, shift how we respond, and shift how we would like to navigate the broader systems we live in.

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