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207 Just Giovanna: Get Your Needs Met Now

On the Well Woman Show this week, we are discussing the importance of getting our needs met. As women, getting our needs met has been something society has taught us is secondary. First and foremost we should be concerned with nurturing others, whether that’s raising children, taking care of parents, or just simply playing the nurturer role at work, in the community, or with friends. Second, we should be concerned with how we look, being sure to be pleasing to others, particularly men. If we are women AND carry other identities based on race, ability, or sexual orientation then the requirement that we put our needs on the back burner multiplies. So it’s not surprising that so many of us have ongoing unmet needs, which show up as thoughts and feelings, which ultimately guide our actions in life.

On the show this week, we’ll talk about:

  • Create awareness around your needs
  • Intuitively reveal the steps for you to take to get your needs met
  • Create a strategy or action plan
  • Integrate the plan with your life as it is

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