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206 In Conversation: How Black and White Women are Navigating Anti-racism (Part One with Candice Thomas and Giovanna Rossi)

On the Well Woman Show this week, I share part one in a series of conversations with black, indigenous and women of color colleagues and friends, and together we explore anti-racism and racial justice – what it means not only in the big picture but how our daily lives are impacted, what we’re reading, what we’re doing and where we go from here.

This week, I’m in conversation with my friend and colleague, intuitive advisor, and psychic medium Candice Thomas, exploring racial justice from our unique perspectives and lived experiences.

You can check out my interview with her back in 2018 at

And find all the past episodes of the WWS featuring black, indigenous and women of color at

Also, there is a list of resources that I developed and Candice added to at

All the information shared today can be found at the show notes at

You can also continue the conversation in the Well Woman Life community group at

As I mentioned, this special series on anti-racism is part of the #podcastersforjustice campaign.

We are podcasters united to condemn the tragic murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and many many others at the hands of police. This is a continuation of the systemic racism pervasive in our country since its inception, and we are committed to standing against racism in all its forms.

  • We believe that to be silent is to be complicit.
  • We believe that Black lives matter.
  • We believe that Black lives are more important than property.
  • We believe that we have a responsibility to use our platforms to speak out against this injustice whenever and wherever we are witnesses to it.

In creating digital media we have built audiences that return week after week to hear our voices, and we will use our voices to speak against anti-blackness and police brutality, and we encourage our audiences to be educated, engaged, and to take action.

Here are three things you can do right away:

#PodcastersForJustice #WOCPodcasters #BlackLivesMatter

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