101 Living the Well Woman Life with Julianna Silva

Do you know where you are in the Life Cycle? Find out!

Today’s topic is Living the Well Woman Life and hopefully by the end of the show you’ll be inspired to engage your own superpowers and overcome your greatest challenge.

My guest today is Julianna Silva, a managing director with WESST Enterprise Center. Julianna manages the incubator program in Albuquerque and works one on one with her clients to develop and implement business plans, accounting systems and marketing strategies. She is a longtime member of the Well Woman community, and has some great advice on how to overcome professional and personal challenges with the skills you already have.

What you’ll learn in this episode: 

    • How the Life Cycle Framework™ can help you with your biggest challenge.
    • Which superpower to engage in order to avoid burnout.
    • How the compound effect helps Julianna save money.

Do you know where you are in the Life Cycle? Find out!

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