092 How to Create Space for Emotional Health with Pernille Lopez

Discover your Core Values with Pernille Lopez!

My guest today is Pernille Spiers-Lopez , former CEO of IKEA and a Global Director and serves on both corporate and non-profit boards. She is also the co-founder with her daughter of Good Life Designed. She serves currently on the boards of Meijer Corporation, Grand Rapids, Michigan , ECCO USA, Manchester, New Hampshire, Save The Children International, London ,UK , Save The Children US, Fairfield, CT and Homeboy Industries, Los Angeles, California

Pernille was with IKEA for 21 years. Among several top executive positions, Pernille held the position as CEO & President for IKEA North America and was a member of The Executive Management Team of the IKEA Group for 10 years. Pernille decided to leave IKEA July 1, 2011 after 2 1/2 years of commuting between Chicago and Europe.

Discover your Core Values with Pernille Lopez!

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • How Pernille literally almost worked herself to death as an executive at Ikea
  • How Pernille woke up to her life and you can too
  • How to recognize when you are addicted to being busy and how to turn it around
  • Why we need space for emotional health
  • Why your core values are important in making choices to guide your life
  • Five things you can try to establish a daily practice of self care that will help you through the tough times

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