038 The Well Woman Life Cycle

We can think about our Well Woman Life in terms of superpowers and supports.
Superpowers are internal, you have access to them already but don’t always use them.

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Supports are external, they are outside of you – your family, work and community.

Imagine a basic chart with a vertical y axis, your external supports, and a horizontal x axis, your internal superpowers.

Get the FREE worksheet “Well Woman Life Cycle” now!

Now let’s look at each quadrant.

The Lower Left quadrant has a low level of both – this is NOT OPTIMAL
The Lower Right quadrant has high level of superpowers, but low level of supports – this is a time of CHANGE
The Upper Left quadrant has a high level of supports but a low level of superpowers – this creates BURN OUT
The Upper Right quadrant has high levels of both support and superpowers – this is OPTIMAL

We move through these four quadrants during our lives and it’s fluid. This is called the Well Woman Life Cycle. You may be in the Lower Right quadrant right now, and could have been in the Lower Left last month, but after making some changes you could be in the Upper Right next month.

1. I want you to envision what your optimal Well Woman Life looks like in the three areas in the worksheet and write it down (download at the link).
2. Now, think about which superpowers you need to cultivate to make that happen?
3. Which supports do you need more of? Write it down.

Let me know at info[at]wellwomanlife.com which quadrant you are in and what your challenges and next steps are – I might want to talk to you for the podcast!

Get the FREE worksheet “Well Woman Life Cycle” now!



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