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Wine and health: how do women and men differ?

When choosing wine do you stop to think about the affect it
has on your health and well being? And do men and women
engage with it differently? From tongue to kidneys– This
month Well Woman Radio explores how to be a healthy wine
drinker with some added tips to make your taste buds tingle!
Jan Werbinski, MD

Jan Werbinski, MD

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“Women are more adventurous and educated…they tend to ask more questions” Ali Hill, on Well Woman Radio this month

Ali Hill, wine sales and sommelier student

Ali Hill, wine sales and sommelier student

Learn about the scientific, physical and social reasons behind the different ways men and women engage with wine drinking.

Drinking limits and wine drinking tips:

#1 takeaway from Ali Hill: everything in moderation and be adventurous…..
This seems a good strategy for life as well as wine!