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Sound Asleep: Does Gender Make A Difference?

Monica Mallampalli, Society for Women's Health Research

Monica Mallampalli, Society for Women’s Health Research

This month I talk to professionals from a variety of backgrounds to try and understand what it takes to get a good night’s sleep.  Whether it’s insomnia or a snoring partner, I’ll explore the many barriers to sleep health and find out if gender makes a difference.

My guests include:

Monica Mallampalli, PhD, Director of Science Programs at the Society for Women’s Health Research (SWHR). Read the report here.

Arti Prasad, MD, Founder and Executive Director of UNM Center for Life, an integrative medicine clinic

Dr. Prasad hosts a conference called SIMPLE (Sypmosium of Integrative Medicine Professionals in the Land of Enchantment) which will take place October 13-15, 2014 and is open to health professional and the general public.  Find out more here.

Andrea Feucht, Food and Science Writer, published in Edible Santa Fe, The Albuquerque Journal, Paleo Magazine, Marathon & Beyond, Guardian Online, and New Mexico Magazine.

Here are ANDREA’S top three ways to create great sleep:

  1. Early morning daylight. Right after you wake up, spend 5 minutes or more taking a quick walk out in the morning light. This will signal your body to clear out those sleepy hormones and begin a new day.
  2. At night, step away from the glowing screens. Computers, TVs, and smart phones all put out blue light. Blue light completely prevents natural melatonin from forming, making you more likely to pop a sleeping pill or have a drink – both of which can lead to poor quality sleep.
  3. Build a sleep cocoon. A cool, darkened room with a before-bed ritual (5 minutes of calm, a gratitude practice, take your pick) create a safe space in your brain for when and where your day ends and restoration begins.

Kate Ater, DOM, Studied Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, TuiNa at International Institute of Chinese Medicine

Dr. Ater’s wants listeners to know:

Sunlight in the eyes (not staring at the sun) but getting outside in the sunlight without sunglasses on a few times a day helps trigger melatonin production in the body, which regulates sleep. Also, pharmaceutical and over the counter sleep aids are processed through the liver and over time can tax liver function creating insomnia.


Songs on the program:

Beatles – I’m so tired
Eels – I need some sleep
The Cure – Lulleby
Frank Sanatra – Lulleby