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One to one coaching can be a great option for women who are ready for an intensive, game-changing experience. Giovanna's style of coaching recognizes each woman's strengths and superpowers, and facilitates a homeward journey toward more ease and joy.

Here's what her clients are saying:

"Giovanna brings a holistic view to the challenges I face that's really helpful because it encompasses the complex life I lead, like so many women these days. Her approach reinforced why it's so important to focus on what I want and need, personally and professionally."

"I have started believing in myself and have gained curiosity about life."

"I have gained confidence in myself and have been exploring new opportunities."

"I have been able to communicate my feelings with my family and it has made those relationships better."

"Becoming more aware of my emotions and learning how to process the thoughts and feelings associated with the emotions has been challenging but most rewarding."

"I appreciate Giovanna's deep knowledge and gentle encouragement."

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