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Women of Color on The Well Woman Show

Well Woman Show episodes featuring Black, Indigenous and Women of Color:



002: Cancer and Mind Body Connection with Teresa Gomez

014 Compassion as a Means for Change with LaDonna Harris

016 Developing Self Confidence to Live Your Best Life with Nada Lena

020 Forgiveness as a Tool for Self Care with Carolyn Tadamala

021 Maintain your Identity and Independence with Monica Bencomo

022 Leadership Through Listening with Tamara Thorpe

023 Emotional Wellbeing for Physical Health with Dr. Lori Eanes

026: Conquering Fear with Fernanda Santos

027: Learn and Teach Gratitude by Practicing It With Antonia Montoya

028: Energy and Empowerment Through Self-Expression with Eva Encinias-Sandoval

032: Changing Your Relationship with Money to Achieve Your Financial Goals with Jacquette Timmons

034: How to Harness and Use Your Feminine Power with Michelle Baca

036: Power and Politics with Debra Haaland

053: How to Use Collaboration to Get Ahead with Pamelya Herndon

063: How to Lead from Behind, Break Through Your Limiting Beliefs and Get Results with Getrude Matshe

065: How to Use Your Desires and Values to Make Decisions with Sunit Suchdev

068: How to Overcome your Fears and become a Leader in Your Field with Dr. Christina Salas

077: How to Live Our Most Empowered and Authentic Lives with Dr. Shefali Tsabary

078: The Path to Intent with Mallika Chopra

088: How To Spice Things Up and Lose Weight with Nagina Abdullah

098: From Hiding to Showing up with Mary Nichols

099: How to Develop Confidence, Courage and Character to be a Leader with Peggy Sanchez Mills

101: Living the Well Woman Life with Julianna Silva

102: Amplifying Women’s Voices with Elsie Escobar

105: Living the Well Woman Life with Helen Dorado de Maestas

106: Celebrating International Women’s Day with Beva Sanchez Padilla

108: Approaching Wellness Holistically with Jasmine Stromberg

109: How to Strengthen your Intuition with Candice Thomas

113: Self Care for Caregivers with Suchinta Abhayaratna

120: Learning To Trust Yourself with Haley Laughter

122: Seeing Through a New Lens with Indigenous Goddess Gang Founder Kim Smith

124: Juggling Career and Family with Steph Poston

127: Integrating and Applying Traditional Knowledge with Nicolle Gonzales

128: Disrupt to Innovate

133: Characteristics of Leadership with Lillian Montoya

135: Courageous Conversations about Race and Equity with Jenn Roberts

137: Valerie Jarrett, Former Senior Advisor to President Obama

143: What’s Next with Laila Ali

148: Changing Workplace Culture with Tina Tchen

151: Gender Equity Legislation with Rep. Christine Trujillo

155: International Women’s Day with Zoreh Afsarzadeh

158: Finding Courage and Resilience with Lindy Vision

178: Smart, Successful and Abused with Dr. Angela Mailis

183: The Power of Soft Skills in Leadership with Rajshree Patel

191: Latina Centered Healthy Lifestyle Solutions with Ana Consuelo Matiella, MA

195: Significance Over “Success” with Doll Avant

197: The Importance of Mentorship with Celestina Garcia

199: Covid19 Disparities and New Research (Part 3 of 3) with Dr. Anuj Kapilashrami

Upcoming – 205: Dr. Laurie Santos