Welcome to Fearless Week

Free Fearless Week Challenge!

When I was in my darkest days - I had just called off my engagement, was a workaholic, and super unhealthy - I was scared. Fear gripped my body and soul and I wondered how I would ever manage to be happy again.

I managed to get through each day, but it was painful.

Then, I started taking small steps toward befriending my fears. What if it is all as it should be? What if I am enough?

When I felt fear creeping in, I simply met it with polite detachment. And I observed the thoughts I was having. Then, listened, really tuned in to myself. Once I *knew* the next right step, I took action, all the while fear came along for the ride. (But, ala Liz Gilbert, I never "let it in the drivers seat".)


It wasn't that I wasn't scared. Quite the opposite - I was scared AND I took action.

I use this method in my life today and in the Well Woman Life® community. And I am THRILLED to share it with you in the Well Woman Fearless Week!!

This will be a jam packed week of facing your fears and taking action anyway. Every day for seven days, I will provide a new fearlessness challenge - one that I actually used back in my dark days and that I still use today.

What can you expect to gain from participating?

  • Less self doubt
  • Less self criticism
  • More focused time to spend on things that matter
  • More clarity about what you want and how to get there
  • More energy to implement what you want

Are you ready to join me?

It's Free.
It's Fun.

What you can expect:

  • Daily challenge - something tangible that you can tackle (you know I like a tangible outcome!)
  • Daily inspiration from me and other Well Women - based on mindful feminism, we inspire you to show up and claim your dream from a place of love, not fear! Hey, everyone gets to dream, but not everyone claims it for themselves.
  • Free giveaways - did I hear you say Well Woman Tee?


We begin May 29, so register right away, lovelies!