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ABOUT Well Woman Life®:
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Giovanna Rossi, Founder, Well Woman Life

Well Woman Life supports a global community of women to connect to their superpowers to live their best life with all its messiness.

We are women showing up in the world, stepping up and using our voices to improve our own lives and the lives of others. We've overcome great challenges, we've mastered our art, we've burned out, we've gone inward to seek healing, and we've emerged stronger and ready to share what we've learned.

Whether it’s personal, physical or sexual health, juggling life and work, professional development or financial success, emotional or spiritual wellness, a Well Woman is supportive of other women, is motivated to challenge herself, and is passionate about achieving her highest level of health and well being. A Well Woman holds others accountable and expects to be held accountable too. We are women doing something innovative in order to make a difference in our lives or in the lives of others, and maintain a sense of well-being while doing it all!

We create a supportive, social environment to connect and share our challenges and successes as women leaders, entrepreneurs, mothers, daughters and all the other roles we carry.