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Welcome to the Academy: Where Professional Women Move from Burnout to Ease & Joy

The Well Woman Academy™ is a place for professional women to gather without judgment, where women are supported to break through barriers and create the life they desire. It is a monthly group program with weekly content, coaching and support. It's based on intersectional feminism, mindfulness and the Well Woman Life Framework™. This is such a good time to invest in yourself and get the support to begin your new chapter and the next version of you, your relationships and your work. What can you create? Where are you holding back? Even if you're not planning to make any major changes, this can help you deepen your sense of purpose and well-being. And if you are on the verge of a major life change, or in it, this will give you the clarity, motivation and support to get there.


Content based on positive intelligence, mindfulness and the Well Woman Life Framework™


Weekly group coaching with Giovanna via Zoom. (Wednesdays at 12pm MST/2pm EST)


Weekly office hours where you can hang out or pop in as you have questions and get coaching from Giovanna. This is a great implementation benefit! (Mondays at 5pm MST/7pm EST)


A private group to share and learn with other Well Women.


PLUS: extra content and podcast guest exclusives only for the Well Woman Academy™

Feedback from our Well Woman Life® community

"Thank you so much for the program! I feel so much more aware calm and aware -- rather than feeling like I'm always behind the curve and exhaustedly trying to regain control!" -Charlotte

"I've been following Giovanna's work for a while and have enjoyed the insights from her and her guests on The Well Woman Show. It's time to work more directly with Giovanna to apply those insights in my own life." -Mary-Ellin

"Your four part framework is genius. It was spot on for the challenges I'm having." - Monica

"I am so impressed with the Well Woman Framework...not only did two short questions come up with a 'diagnosis' that was right on, it came with what to do with it. Actual practical stuff. I felt like I had been given permission to honor what I was going through and it made it less scary." -Elizabeth

"I am so happy with the new job. I feel like people are giving me a level of respect I have never had before. And I deserve it! Thank you so much!" -Maureen 

"I have started believing in myself and have gained curiosity about life. And I've gained confidence in myself and have been exploring new opportunities." -Melissa

The Lifetime Benefits of Membership in the Well Woman Academy™:

Prerequisite: Prior to joining the Academy, you will need to enroll in the six week course, Well Woman Essentials™, which will provide a foundation for our work together.

WEEK ONE Well Woman Essential Power Tools

WEEK TWO Awareness - self inquiry

WEEK THREE Intuition - tuning in to your authentic self

WEEK FOUR Aligned Action - results planning and accountability

WEEK FIVE Integration - Putting it all together to create flow

WEEK SIX Well-being - creating long lasting happiness and health

Well Woman Academy™, the group coaching program that uses mindfulness and feminism and actually works!

There are many programs that promise big changes, but not all are very effective. I have developed this group coaching program based on my hundreds of conversations with leaders like Byron Katie, Malika Chopra and Julia Cameron and added my own expertise in strategy, mindfulness and intersectional feminism to create THE most effective transformational experience to get you where you want to be. Well Woman Academy™ is intentionally feminist in its approach.

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Well Woman Academy™

Well Woman Life®