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144 Surviving the D**k Clique with Holly Caplan

Holly Caplan is a career coach, women-in-business advocate, award-winning manager and author of Surviving the D**k Clique: A Girl’s Guide to Surviving the Male Dominated Corporate World. For more information, please visit,

What you’ll learn on this episode:

How you reinvent yourself when you’re ready for a re-do
What to do when you feel resistance in your job every day and you are not fully engaged
How to take more risks

Book: Ugly Love

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130 How to Communicate to Show Confidence in the Workplace with Andie Kramer

Have you ever said something in a meeting and someone else basically repeats your idea and gets credit for it?Or you keep being interrupted in meetings or discussions?

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It’s time to claim your space, well women. Stand your ground. Say your piece. We are socialized to politely defer to others, because what we are saying couldn’t be that important right? Wrong. Or we make a statement that sounds like a question…it’s so easy to give away our power and confidence. But you know what? It’s also easy to claim it.

Andrea Kramer is co-author of the book Breaking Through Bias: Communication Techniques for Women to Succeed at Work, She is also co-author of What You Need to Know About Negotiating Compensation, as well as over 150 articles and blog posts on promoting diversity and overcoming gender stereotypes and biases.

What you’ll learn in this episode:
1. tips on how to avoid being interrupted in meetings and discussions;
2. how to project power by claiming your seat at the table,
3. how to say “no” to projects that do not advance your career.

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118 Bringing the whole you (including the feminine) to the workplace and leadership with Jennifer Palmieri

“As a woman leader, you can be emotional AND strong, 
you don’t have to prove that there is no emotion in you.”
-Jennifer Palmieri, author and former Hillary Clinton and President Obama communications director

How many times have you stopped short of being you in order to fit in? Or you acted out of alignment with who you are (without even being aware you were doing it)? And how did it work out for you?

Wouldn’t it be a breath of fresh air to know that actually, being you, is perfect? Being who you are…is the best way to be? Because only you can be you, and you do it the best!

Today’s topic is bringing the whole you (including the feminine) to the workplace and leadership and hopefully by the end of the show you’ll be inspired to step into your power as a leader with all of your self in order to make a bigger impact in your work and the world. If you feel you’ve been holding back, or trying to fit it by acting in ways that are not aligned with your true self, this episode is for you. Not to mention the powerhouse guest I have on this week to talk about this and a whole lot more.

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My guest today is Jennifer Palmieri. Palmieri is one of the most accomplished political and communications strategists in America today. Jennifer served as head of communications for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and White House communications director under President Barack Obama. She was also White House deputy press secretary for President Bill Clinton and national press secretary for the Democratic Party. She is currently President of the Center for American Progress Action Fund, has been a frequent contributor to the Washington Post and other national print outlets, and is a frequent guest commentator on MSNBC news shows.

In her new book, Dear Madam President, Jennifer Palmieri uses hard-earned experiences and lessons from her days in the Obama White House and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign – to name a few – to pen an empowering letter to the first woman president and, by extension, all women seeking positions of power. She aims to forge a new model of leadership that fully embraces their feminine qualities and demonstrates that women can best serve by being themselves.

What you’ll learn in this episode: 
What Jennifer did the morning after the 2016 election
Which event planted the seeds for her book, Dear Madam President
Why she wanted to change the conversation about women and leadership
The issues she’s focused on now
How she felt she let the country down and what she did about it
What she figured out sitting on the tarmac in Florida just days before the election

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116 How to Give Great Feedback with Facebook’s Amy Brooks

Today’s topic is how to give great feedback to people you’re working with and hopefully by the end of the show you’ll be inspired to flip the feedback conversation to see it as an opportunity instead of an obstacle.

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On the show today is my guest, Amy Brooks who is living her best life at Facebook leading the Business Education team which enables people and businesses to learn, grow, and better leverage its Family of Apps and Services through the Blueprint program and Help Centers. Outside of work Amy enjoys travel, wine, and shenanigans.

What you’ll learn in this episode:
How this native New Mexican ended up heading us business education for facebook.
How including women at all levels actually improves not only the process but also the product.
Why having listening leadership style has worked for Amy.
The one thing Amy does for a big win.
The most important quality in a leader according to Amy.

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115 How to Lead A Movement with Ellen Bravo

“A long time ago, I realized that we can never achieve gender equity or racial equity if we don’t revalue women’s work, and that includes care giving. As long as women are punished by losing income and jobs and opportunities in the workforce because they have a baby or because they’re caring for a parent, or a partner, or themselves, we’ll always be behind.” – Ellen Bravo on The Well Woman Show (

Today’s topic is how to lead a movement based on issues that impact you personally but that you also see could have a much bigger impact and hopefully by the end of the show you’ll be inspired to be part of the movement to re-value the work of caregivers and not take it personally when you experience a setback.

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On the show today is my guest, Ellen Bravo who directs Family Values @ Work, a network of coalitions in 27 states working for policies such as paid sick days and family and medical leave insurance. Previously, Ellen was the director of 9to5 and has written several non-fiction books.

What you’ll learn in this episode:
How Ellen inspire’s people and how you can too
After decades of working to support working families, how Ellen takes care of herself
What the most successful people in social justice work value the most
Where the US is compared to other states on valuing caregivers work and paid family leave
What Gloria Steinem says about equality INSIDE the home.

“And Gloria Steinem has often said, if we want women to be equal outside the home, men need to be equal inside the home. I know many, many men who are and would be good fathers, sons, and husbands, but get punished for it at work. That needs to change. And also there are a lot of same sex couples who would like to care for each other in sickness as in health, and care for their children and are stymied because there is no leave.” – Ellen Bravo

The Impact of Our Wins FREE storybook!

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Lucky Boy by Shanthi Sekaran 
Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng
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