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149 Just Giovanna: Family Vision Board 2019

How do you get your family members on the same page to work together toward goals for 2019? Get them involved! Here’s how:
1. make it fun
2. let them know if they give their input they will get their goal list for 2019
3. have a clear process
4. start and end within 1-2 hours, depending on the ages of the people involved! My kids ages 7 and 9 stuck it out on NYE for a good 2 hours because we had yummy snacks, everyone’s voice was heard, they got to find pictures and cut them out.

Family Vision Board




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147 Have It All By Doing More of What You Love, Not Less

Having it all in 2019: Do more of what you love, not less: Commentary in the Santa Fe New Mexican

134 Choosing Wonder Over Worry with Amber Rae

Choosing Wonder Over Worry with Amber Rae
“wonder gets socialized and conditioned out of us”

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How to reignite wonder and stop the worry
  • How to stop pushing or forcing outcomes and start flowing
  • How to pause to integrate and still reach your goals!


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Unlock YOUR free guide to worry less and achieve more!

062 How to Let Go of Control to Achieve More with Maggie Toulouse

When we set out to achieve a lifelong dream, we want to be in control. We have an idea of how we want things to look, and we know that we have the tools to turn our dreams in reality. As much as we may want to have full control over how our dreams are realized, sometimes this need for control can be disastrous. A difficult lesson that many of us need to learn is that we need to relinquish some control in our lives and seek out help from others. If we don’t do this, we risk burnout, and the possibility that those goals will never be achieved. For New Mexico Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse, experiencing failure was exactly what she needed to be able to relinquish control, delegate, and ultimately achieve her political aspirations.

My guest today is Maggie Toulouse. Maggie is Secretary of the State of New Mexico. She has served as Bernalillo County Clerk since 2007 and has made protecting the right to vote, improving the integrity of the election process and ensuring accountable leadership her top priorities. Maggie is a 2009 recipient of a New Mexico Technology Excellence award. In 2011, Maggie received the Distinguished Service Award from United Voters NM and Verified Voting NM for her work in promoting election integrity and in 2012 she was named one of NM Business Weekly’s “40 under 40” young professionals. Maggie grew up in New Mexico and currently lives in Albuquerque with her two sons. In this episode Maggie and I talk about the struggles she faced in her first fun for Secretary of State, what she learned about delegating tasks and relinquishing control through that experience, and how her perspective about balance has changed over time.

What You’ll Discover in This Episode

  • How you can achieve more by letting go, delegating, and prioritizing
  • Why it is important to reach out to those you trust for help instead of trying to do everything on your own
  • Why Maggie doesn’t believe in balance, and what she strives for instead

More About Maggie

Maggie has always been a go getter. She was a high achiever in school, always “trying to be the teacher’s pet.” As is often the case, this high reaching behavior resulted in unkind behavior from other students, damaging Maggie’s interpersonal relationships. As she got older she developed “a strong amount of humility

and some emotional intelligence” and began placing more value on interpersonal relationships and connections.

While she handles her successes with more humility now, that doesn’t mean she is not a high achiever. When she made the decision to run for Secretary of State of New Mexico, she put her all into it. In her first run for office, she “burnt the candle at both ends.” She discovered she was not able to be responsible for every aspect of the campaign while also maintaining some sort of balance in the rest of her life. Maggie was not elected in her first run, but she took away some useful lessons.

This experience reminded Maggie of the importance of letting go of full control. It also changed the way she thinks of ‘balance.’ trying to achieve this life of perfect balance is something we get caught up in and something we’ll never fully achieve,” she explains. With this mental approach in mind, Maggie went on to successfully reach the position of Secretary of State. “Stop beating yourself up,” she advises, and instead focus on organizing your times in smart ways.

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4 3 2 1: A Novel by Paul Auster

059 Visioning Your Life with Giovanna Rossi (Part One of Two)

Today on the show I’m going to talk about visioning and stepping into leadership in your life. The next solo show will be Part Two, probably in a couple of weeks from now, on goal setting and achieving your goals – so it will be a great follow up topic to this week’s show.

This is Part One of Two (Part Two is at
If you’re listening to this show at a different time of year, not right when it came out, it’s still relevant for you because you can really do this process at any time.

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I like to talk about visioning and goal setting in March because it’s usually when people are in a bit of a slump with their resolution and goals for the year. Here’s the good news…there’s still time to set and achieve your goals this year! Don’t let yourself be derailed just because you’ve strayed a little for your plans for this year. Now is the time to revisit them and dig deep for the truth of what’s yours this year. Is it finishing that book or story you’v been working on? Is it training for a triathlon or walking a mile every day?

Get the FREE Visioning Your Life worksheet

Don’t forget to download the free worksheet the goes with this show!

It walks you through the visioning process and summarizes what I talk about here today.

Let’s take a step back and literally envision the rest of the year.

Now, ask yourself this: On December 31st, what would need to have happened to be a great year in your personal life, professional life and community life? What would it take to step into your leadership in these areas? To be an active participant in your life, instead of a passive bystander?

So, what would to take to make a shift in one or all of the three areas of your life? And let’s be clear, I’m not talking about only big dreams like writing the next american novel. No, I’m talking about digging deep within yourself and asking what would bring truth, joy and love into my life? It doesn’t have to be grand – it can be what others would consider simple goals, but nonetheless it brings you peace and harmony. Is it finally planting that garden so you can harvest fresh veggies in the fall? Is it committing to walking every day so your body feels good? Is it waking up an hour earlier so you can mediate and write in your journal? Is it releasing yourself from relationships that don’t support your journey?

If you are somewhere where it’s safe to do so, close your eyes and visualize you in your life – where are you, what do you smell, what do you see, what do you hear? Find that quiet place, that place of honesty and truth, that place where you can no longer hide from yourself, but instead you feel at home, comforted and with a deep knowing.

Now visualize the following three areas of your life:

Personal – health, family, home

Professional – job, career, training, business

Public Service/Community – help on a campaign, sign up to get out the vote for your local elections, volunteer on a board, donate to a cause, take your kids to volunteers at a homeless shelter

What do you want to feel like, look like, see around you on December 31st of this year?

Instructions for creating a vision board – get the free download here:
Get the FREE Visioning Your Life worksheet