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050 How to Take Initiative for Change with Thinx CEO Miki Agrawal

Do you ever hear of an innovation and think, ‘why has it taken so long for that to have been created?’ Or maybe you have an idea for an invention or new product, but for some reason you haven’t taken the initiative to dive in and create it. There’s something very scary about committing to creating something new. Change is intimidating, and we fear that if we are the instigators of change, we’ll be met with resistance. Inspiring change is difficult. You need to put your all into it, and have the tools to do it well. According to Thinx creator Miki Agrawal, to inspire change you have to put your all into it, and have the tools to do it well.

In this episode I speak with Miki Agrawal, CEO and Co-Founder of THINX, a high-tech, beautiful underwear solution for women to wear during their periods. Her most recent side project is called TUSHY: For People Who Poop aiming to upgrade the American bathroom experience and to help fight the global sanitation crisis that is affecting 40% of the world. Miki is also the Founder of the acclaimed farm-to-table gluten-free pizza concept WILD and 2015 will mark her 10 year anniversary of having her restaurants open. Harper Collins published her book entitled “DO COOL SH*T” on entrepreneurship and lifestyle design. The book hit #1 on Amazon Bestsellers list in entrepreneurship. In this episode Miki and I talk about where she gets her strength and motivation to discipline herself to making difficult changes in the world, how her health issues revealed to her that she needs to take better care of herself and how she did it, and how she uses dedicated focusing to get more done each day.

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What You’ll Discover in This Episode

  • How you can use Miki’s three step fool-proof marketing process to overcome stigma and instigate real change
  • What you can do to practice deeper focus to do more in one day than most people do in a week
  • Where Miki gets her inspiration and what you can do to be fearless and motivated in your ventures

More About Miki

Miki started her company, Thinx, because she recognized that there was a gap in what currently exists and what ought to in the menstrual care industry. Tampons were invented in 1931 by a man, menstrual pads came along in the 60s, and those two products have essentially dominated the market in the last fifty years. Miki explains that a huge reason that advances in menstruation care have been so few and far between has to do with taboo and stigma. It is “so ingrained in the psyche of history that periods are bad. Marketing is such an incredibly powerful and influential tool that it has been able to foster an attitude of shame and disgust around “the thing that perpetuates human life.”

Miki explains that marketing tactics don’t create the stigma, they influence the public to trust the validity of the message. Therefore, we can use successful marketing tactics for our own benefit, such as to address taboo and really change culture. In developing Thinx, Miki created a three step process to address taboo and influence attitude change. This process focuses on innovation, artful design, and relatable communication, and has led to the overwhelming success and celebration of her product.

Thinx is not Miki’s first entrepreneurial venture. She has opened a restaurant in New York City, written a best selling book, and started Icon Undies, pee-proof underwear, and TUSHY: For People Who Poop, bidet toilet attachments. After years of going 100% all of the time, Miki began to feel a lack of balance in her life. She developed an acute thyroid condition and realized she had to “take a hard look at everything in [her] life.” While doctors told her she would need an operation, she chose to “trust [her] body and heal [herself] through that.” Miki now looks at that time as “such a beautiful, eye-opening experience,” because it has taught her that she needs to “live in full integrity” and dedicate herself to ensuring her “thinking, feeling, and saying all align.

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