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Free Morning Routine Challenge!

Set yourself up for success this year with a morning routine that will energize you and keep you focused so you can accomplish your 2020 goals.

Reaching your annual goals is the culmination of all your daily activities, which are greatly determined by HOW you start the day.

After interviewing literally hundreds of successful Well Women, from Julia Cameron and Byron Katie to Malika Chopra and Amy Porterfield, I learned that having a morning routine is on the top three list of priorities for a majority of these women.

Are you ready to join me?

It's Free.
It's Fun.

Let's get our 2020 started right.

What you can expect:

  • Daily challenge - something tangible that you can use in your morning routine (you know I like a tangible outcome!) every day for five days.
  • Daily inspiration from me and other Well Women - based on mindful feminism, we inspire you to show up and claim the space you need to get your day started in a way that will support you to achieve your goals.
  • Free giveaways - did I hear you say Well Woman swag?


We begin January 19th so register right away, lovelies!